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Frequently Asked Questions

What are BBBW Events?

BBBW Events are unique in the sense that we aim to offer an experience whether than just another vendor event with merchants and an admission fee. We draw a great number of shoppers to partake in learning more about the products and services of local black owned businesses and others. We like to offer education, entertainment or interactive sessions during the events as well. Business owner’s work together to invite as many people as possible to come out, shop and support the businesses. We believe that it takes the support of others to experience success. We want the vendors to be successful as well as the events we host.


Who can participate with the BBBW events?

Anyone, we are open to all.


How often are the BBBW vendor events held?

The vendor events are normally held on a quarterly basis with the exception of 1st quarter of the year.

How many attendees are expected to attend the events?

Unfortunately, we are unable to predict the attendance, we usually average 100+ attendees per event, however, it is important that every vendor assists in marketing/advertising the event, our success depends on full participation.


What are the application requirements?

The application and all vendor fees must be completed and submitted by the deadline date listed.


Is there an application fee?

No, at this time there is no application fee.


What responsibilities do vendors have once accepted?

Each vendor is provided flyers and raffle tickets. It is the responsibility of each vendor to advertise by posting flyers within their community, store front, or on their website. Vendors are also encouraged to sell raffle tickets. If a vendor invites 30 people then they should expect 10 out of those 30 people to actually attend the event. Multiply 10 people by 30 vendors and you have an anticipated turnout of 300 attendees, which could equate to 300 new customers. This can only happen if each vendor helps to invite others and spread the word. We need full participation from vendors to advertise/market the event.


Why are vendors sometimes not accepted?

BBBW accepts vendors on a first come first served basis. Vendors are accepted for the  until the deadline indicated or until capacity is reached. In certain situations a vendor may NOT be accepted if he/she is selling the same product or service as another previously accepted vendor (i.e. Mary Kay, Avon, Organo Gold, Pampered Chef, and Scentsy).

What is the BBBW registration fee and what is included?

The early registration fee is normally $75.00 and includes one 6-ft table with two chairs. The vendor fee is determined by the venue and expenses associated with hosting the event. The standard registration fee is $100.00 or more. We also forward vendor details for the event date. Vendors will receive their assigned table number the week of the event. Electricity is limited and is provided to those who register first and request it. WI-FI is often available at the location selected but varies.


Can I bring garment racks, extra tables or stands?

Unfortunately, space is limited and prior approal is required to bring in additional items. Stands should fit on your tabletop or within your 6ft of space, in some cases the rack or stand can go behind your table. Additional tables cannot be brought in and the vendor should purchase two tables when registering if two tables are needed. The rate is not reduced for additional tables.


Are vendor fees refundable?

Unfortunately, vendor fees are nonrefundable.


Are vendors allowed to share a table?

Yes, if you interested in sharing a table please email us at or however, limited tables are allocated for sharing.


Can I request my table be placed next to a certain vendor’s table?

You can make a request for table placement, however, we place each vendor based on the nature of their business, needs and when they registered.


During what time on the event day can vendors begin setting up and breaking down their table?

All vendors are given 1 hour prior to the event start time to set up their tables and must break down tables immediately following the event. If more time is needed for set-up please notify BBBW in advance.


Is there an admittance fee for shoppers?

Some events will require an admission fee, most will not. We try to make our events easy for shoppers to attend by providing free admittance and free parking so they are able to save funds to support our vendors.


Are food vendors permitted?

We allow a select number of food vendors, food vendors must be licensed accordingly.


How is loading/unloading?

We usually try to use venues that offer an area where vendors can park and unload/load their items. In addition, to a facility that has adequate street parking and is ADA accessible.


Can I sponsor BBBW as a vendor?

Yes, products or services can be donated in addition to providing monetary sponsorship.  For more information on how to become a sponsor please call us at (800) 977-8313 or email us at


I know someone who wants to volunteer, how can I benefit from volunteering?

We are always looking for volunteers; volunteers are rewarded by getting to be a part of something special and they also get a free BBBW t-shirt or gift! All volunteers are unpaid.