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Top 15 Vendor Lesson's Learned

Posted on May 28, 2012 at 12:30 AM

1. Bigger vendor shows don't necessarily mean bigger profits and smaller shows don't equate to smaller profits. Each show is different, treat it as such.

2. Learn how to identify your target market, every event is not the best market for your product or service.

3. Don't try to bring everything that you have to the show, take certain pieces. You want to have options but you don't want to overwhelm your customer by having too much. Your table/booth should be neatly displayed and organized, not crowded or junky.

4. If you’re unsure about participating with a vendor show, attend the event as a consumer first to check it out. Most events are reoccurring but if not take the chance and participate as a vendor. You can also talk to people who have done the event before and get their feedback.

5. Always keep change. You can potentially lose a customer by not having change. Most people carry plastic, so considering accepting credit cards as a form of payment as well. Square, intuit, and paypal offer devices you can connect to your smart phone to accept payments anywhere.

6. During events always network with other vendors, don’t be afraid to mingle.

7. Don’t assume that because you did a show more than once that you’ll have the same type of success.

8. When there is more than one vendor selling a similar product, have a spirit of camaraderie not competitiveness. See them as being comparable.

9. When pairing up with another vendor to do an event, pair up with someone who has a product that compliments yours.

10. Best goal for profits is to double your vendor booth fee.

11. When working an event, you shouldn’t pack up and leave early when you don’t have any sells. Try to remain for the duration of the event.

12. When deciding on shows, make sure it’s worth your time. Consider the time involved to pack up your items, load your vehicle, unload, set-up, break-down and repack your items.

13. Be proactive in responding to your customers, always greet everyone, and make the experience memorable for the shopper.

14. Be open to deals (those that are reasonable), counter offer and offer an amount similar to what was suggested.

15. Remember your repeat customers; give them something extra or a little discount. Also don’t forget about those who continue to refer you customers. Make sure your customers know how much you appreciate their business.

Contributors: Shemika Swann-Thompson & Shara Jones

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