Beautiful Black Businesswomen

Helping your business blossom.

About BBBW

Beautiful Black Businesswomen is an organization founded by Shemika Swann-Thompson in 2011 to support small businesses owned and operated by black women as well as others. The goal is empower, network and offer opportunities where businesswomen with newly created and established businesses can promote their products and/or services to others.

Beautiful Black Businesswomen (BBBW) believes in offering networking and social avenues that promote positive relationships. Additionally, we believe in a spirit of collaboration and unity amongst the members of our organization and the women who participate in our vendor/networking events.

Mission Statement:

Businesswomen showcasing their products/services to others while building opportunities for growth.


Within the next five years, the Beautiful Black Businesswomen will create a community of successful businesswomen with enhanced skills and established resources necessary to build prosperous businesses.

Our Core Values include the following:

  • Demonstrate integrity and honesty at all times.
  • Align your life accordingly.
  • Be positive and think positive thoughts.
  • Offer exceptional customer service and the best product or service.
  • Always represent yourself, your business, and the organization professionally.


Wishing you endless success as your business continues to blossom!

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